The last few years have been challenging and the pandemic has given us opportunities to explore new ways of learning and working remotely. We also learned to be more mindful about dedicating time for self-care to create more work-life balance. OISE is committed to working together as a community and to being agile as we continue to respond to our ever-changing environment.

As we transition back to campus in the coming months, the OISE Wellness Post-Pandemic Working Group, a subgroup of the OISE Wellness Committee, is interested in understanding the immediate and short-term needs of our OISE community. Your responses and suggestions are critical to informing OISE Wellness post-pandemic planning and will help us to ensure that OISE Wellness programming and resources are relevant and useful for our community.

The survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. Your decision to participate or to withdraw from completing this survey will in no way impact your relationship with OISE. Except for the first question, you may skip any question that you would prefer not to answer.

As a member of the OISE community, you will also have opportunities to participate in focus group discussions and personal interviews to gather more in-depth qualitative data. The OISE Wellness Post-Pandemic Working Group’s guiding principles can be found here. Our current OISE Wellness programming can be found on our website at

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