Welcome to the SkuleTM Mental Health Bursary application website. Now more than ever, mental health supports are playing a pivotal role in the lives of students. The Engineering Society (EngSoc) and the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering have partnered to ensure that this bursary will provide financial aid to Undergraduate Engineering students experiencing challenging or unforeseen circumstances, with particular focus on students in need of increased mental health and wellness financial support.

To be eligible for the SkuleTM Mental Health Bursary this academic year you must:

  • be enrolled as an undergraduate student (part-time or full-time) at the University of Toronto within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.  
  • provide a short statement (200 words) to a question that asks you to outline how you intend to use the requested funds and how receiving this funding will benefit you.
  • provide a detailed quote or receipt if the good/service has been purchased or if provided with a bursary, you will be asked to submit a receipt for the expense after purchase.
  • submit all of the information on the form below

Eligible expenses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental health support products, services and prescriptions if not sufficiently covered through the StudentCare Health Plan (or an equivalent health insurance plan such as a parent's or spouse's employee benefit plan), the Universal Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), or the student's provincial/territorial health insurance plan (e.g., OHIP) AND if comparable services offered by the University do not exist or do not meet their needs.
    • Priority will be given to this category based on available resources to the Committee.
    • Students who are not enrolled in the StudentCare program are still eligible to apply and will be afforded equal consideration.
    • Products, services and prescriptions include, but are not limited to counselling services, wellness apps and other self-care products.
  • Exceptional unanticipated expenses

This year, the SkuleTM Mental Health Bursary will be awarded in amounts up to $450 per student per academic year. Students can apply in both applications cycles (Fall & Winter) regardless of their previous recipient status. The applications of this bursary are reviewed by a committee and awarded based on the above eligibility. In some scenarios, the adjudication committee may recognize that you are a better candidate for another source of funding or service offering and may contact you with this information. The SkuleTM Mental Health Bursary is a part of a suite of mental health and wellness initiatives offered at U of T Engineering. Should you require counselling support while filling in this application or after, please consider accessing the counsellors at MySSP. For more information, please visit www.uoft.me/myssp .

Deadline to submit your completed application: Friday, October 6 (2:00 pm ET).

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Cherie Mak, the Mental Health Programs Office at mentalhealth@engineering.utoronto.ca

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