Nomination Information

The University of Toronto Sports Hall of Fame is part of an ongoing effort to preserve and display the records relating to the outstanding University of Toronto athletic tradition. These projects are carried out under the authority of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and with the assistance and financial support of the T-Holders’ Association.

Categories for Hall of Fame Members

Athletes must have represented the University of Toronto as a student-athlete and completed with distinction at the highest level of intercollegiate competition available at the time. Achievements in non-intercollegiate competition and/or other contributions to the University of Toronto athletics program would be considered as auxiliary factors. In addition to outstanding individual athletes, outstanding teams would be eligible for admission as a team (i.e. Grey Cup winners or 1928 Varsity Grads). Athletes who achieved exceptional performance in non-Varsity sports (e.g., Olympics, Pan Am Games, Commonwealth Games, etc.) will also be considered.

Builders must have made a significant contribution to the University of Toronto athletics program in a role other than that of a student-athlete.

Team is defined as the unit of student-athletes that competed for the interuniversity championship trophy or banner at the time of participation (i.e. Bronze Baby in women’s basketball or the Nelson C. Hart trophy in swimming).

Selection Criteria

Student Athletes must have represented the University of Toronto in some manner while a student. The major factor is the athlete’s contribution to the Varsity program; achievements in other athletic areas (i.e. provincial, national and international competition) will also be considered. Normally, a minimum of 10 years absence from the Varsity program will be required prior to consideration. The same criteria apply to teams.

Builders must have been a member of the University of Toronto athletics staff, and/or University of Toronto faculty or administrative staff, and/or friend and supporter of University of Toronto athletics for a period of at least five years. Normally, nominees will not be considered for selection until 10 years after the initial appointment or commencement of service to the University of Toronto program. Contribution to the Varsity program is the major factor, but contribution to other athletic programs may also be considered.

Teams will be considered under the same criteria as applied to the student athletes category.

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, individuals and team members must have made a significant contribution to the athletic legacy of the University of Toronto, as determined by the selection committee and approved by the Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education.

2. It is also expected that individuals embody the values of the University both during their time as a student-athlete and after graduation. Individuals must be of the highest caliber in terms of character and their athletic achievements, both of which will be subject to verification prior to induction.

3. Individuals who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame may be removed at the Dean’s discretion if they are no longer a suitable representative of the University and its athletic programs. Any requests for an individual to be removed from the Hall of Fame will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the Dean in consultation with the selection committee

Selection Method

Nominating group

Anyone with an interest in Varsity athletics i.e. T-Holders, staff, athletes, media, the general public.

Research Responsibility

Nominators are encouraged to supply as much supportive detail as possible with each nomination. The Faculty will assume responsibility for researching each nomination and validating the participation and contribution to the program.

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

The committee consists of nine voting members, as follows: one male representative of the T-Holders, one female representative of the T-Holders, one male Faculty staff, one female Faculty staff, one member of the Council of Athletics and Recreation, one member of the media, one representative of the University of Toronto Alumni Association, the Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education or the Dean’s designate, and a presidential appointee. Non-voting assessors include the Assistant Dean of Co-Curricular Physical Activity and Sport and/or Director of High Performance and Intercollegiate Sport and the Director of Advancement. A non-voting secretary will be appointed by the Dean.

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