The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) strives to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all students and members in all our facilities – one that is aligned with University policies, guidelines and statements on equity, diversity and excellence. To this end, the Faculty has made a systemic commitment to equity through a variety of targeted strategies and initiatives.

The U of T Sport & Rec Diversity & Equity Team, was formed by the Faculty to provide an opportunity for student leaders to collaborate and receive mentoring from staff for various equity initiatives, in support of the Faculty’s goals of diversity and equity within physical activity/health. The Diversity & Equity Team welcomes the opportunity for students from all three campuses to initiate, develop and propose an initiative in the form of an event and/or project, which meets and advances the Faculty’s equity goals and aspirations. Proposed initiatives must be related to diversity and equity, as well as physical and/or mental health and wellness. The proposal will be reviewed, and if approved, funding up to $500 can be secured through the Equity Ideas Fund.

Terms of Reference:
▪ To develop a proposal and budget for a project or program that supports equity and diversity, as well as physical and/or mental health and overall wellness
▪ Application must be from at least one UofT-affiliated student club/association
▪ To ensure that the proposed event aligns with KPE equity initiatives, in terms of scheduling as well as content
▪ To track and update progress and expenses for equity initiatives
▪ To deliver a final report, as well as all the materials for reimbursement within 10 business days after the approved event

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Must be student organizations or organizations associated with on-campus services and programs for students at the University of Toronto. The funds must be applied to events or projects aimed at students at the University of Toronto.
2. The events or projects must be not-for-profit, which means the fee of admission for attending should be free.

A maximum of $500 will be allocated per program or event. Each student organization may apply to the Equity Ideas Fund for one event per academic year. Original receipts/invoices will be required for reimbursement/payment. Please note that we are unable to provide funds that will be used to purchase gift cards.

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