Camp UofT Intake & Support 2022

Camp U of T strives to make camp an enjoyable experience for all campers. In order to fully enjoy the Camp U of T experience, campers who aren’t able to participate in all activities may benefit from an inclusion aide (see below for details). Please note that the sooner information is provided, the more likely we will be able to fully support your child.

- For campers age’s 4 – 7 staff to camper ratio is 1:6

- For campers age’s 8 – 16 staff to camper ratio is 1:8

An inclusion aide is a 1:1 staff member whose focus is to ensure all campers can participate in and enjoy camp programming. They provide support and ensure all of our campers enjoy their time at Camp UofT.

This form is intended to provide information to staff for any camper who requires support or modified programming due to exceptionalities. Information on this form will be kept in confidence and shared only with staff working with your child as needed.

Our questions below are designed to give us the information required to provide your child with an enjoyable camp experience.

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More information, including a description of the physical environment and the availability of inclusion aides can be found at or you may contact us at

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