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We invite you to participate in this survey to capture your experiences providing services to newcomers within Scarborough.  


The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Your submission is voluntary, and your responses are anonymous.  



This survey is being conducted by the Scarborough Newcomer Settlement Collective (SNSC) to hear from service providers about challenges they experience in service delivery and funding application. We will collect information about your experience providing services to newcomers in Scarborough, newcomer needs, challenges you have experienced, and basic funder information.  


We're collecting this information as part of our model development process. Collected input from service provider staff will be used to support the development of recommendations to funders. 


A note on language: The definition of newcomer varies between organizations, funders, and newcomers themselves. It can be defined in a range of ways, including by the amount of time in Canada, eligibility for programs and services, and/or needs and experiences of the individual. While the Scarborough Newcomer Settlement Collective recognizes the importance of these variations and aims to use the broadest possible definition to capture the long-term impacts of immigration to Canada, in this survey, we define 'newcomer' as someone who has lived in Canada for less than 5 years, and 'immigrant' as someone who has lived in Canada longer than 5 years. This helps to support the understanding of people who have lived in Canada for a particularly short amount of time, and understand the differences, if any, in experience between newcomers and immigrants.


Additionally, some demographic information will be collected to help us better understand who our survey participants are, and how they represent service providers in Scarborough.



Scroll down to view the list of survey questions. Please complete this survey in one sitting, as you will not be able to save your responses.



Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you can stop participating at any time. All information you provide in the survey will be confidential and anonymous. Please select "I agree" below, if you consent to take this survey.  

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