Please upload the PREFILLED enrolment verification form that needs a signature and/or a stamp.
Examples: RESP forms or other enrolment verification forms (CPP, scholarship voucher, etc.)
Prefilled enrolment verification forms for the current academic session will be reviewed and signed by the KPE Office of the Registrar and Student Services, and the signed form will be sent to your UTmail+ at no extra charge.
  • Please submit your prefilled RESP form or other enrolment confirmation form.
    Name the file as follows:
    FirstName LastName student ID number Other.pdf
    (example: John Smith 1001231234 Other.pdf")
Students who do not have forms provided by their RESP provider or an external agency may get a Letter of Confirmation via ACORN. Please see below for more details.
Please contact the KPE Office of the Registrar and Student Services at if you have any questions. Use your U of T email & include your full name and student number.

Do you need a Letter of Confirmation?
As of September 2023, KPE Undergraduate students can obtain a Letter of Confirmation via ACORN free of charge and faster.  
Letter of Confirmation also referred to as a Proof of Enrolment, Confirmation of Enrolment or Enrolment Verification, is an official document that will state your enrolment in courses for a specific academic session.
You may need a Letter of Confirmation for an RESP, scholarships, employment or immigration purposes.
The information that can be included on your Letter of Confirmation includes:
  • Faculty of study (Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education)
  • Program of study (Bachelor of Kinesiology)
  • Your of study (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4)
  • Course load (full-time, part-time)
  • Enrollment status (invited, registered)
  • Start date and end date of chosen academic session
  • Intended graduation date from your program of study
Review these steps to generate a Letter of Confirmation on ACORN.
If you are unsure if the Letter of Confirmation is the letter you are looking for, please email and provide details on what you are requesting and for what purposes (e.g. bank request, insurance). 
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